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INERGENŽ meets the needs and requirements of security-conscious users. It not only ensures the protection of people and tangible assets but also aids the environment.

INERGENŽ extinguishing systems protect computer equipment as well as switching rooms, telecommunications areas, archiving robots, archives and depots in museums containing valuable documents and works of art, gas turbines, paint spray booths plus production and warehousing areas for flammable liquids against fire damage.

INERGENŽ is a patented extinguishing material that automatically ensures supplies of oxygen to people in the event of the surrounding atmosphere becoming oxygen-depleted. This idea, like many other effective things that are used as a matter of course nowadays, stemmed from manned spaceflight. In the wake of a tragic fire in a space capsule, an extinguishing agent producing low-oxygen, non-flammable but nevertheless breathable atmosphere was developed.

INERGENŽ is composed of three naturally occurring gases, nitrogen (52% by volume), argon (40% by volume) and carbon dioxide (8% by volume). When they are released, they migrate unchanged into the atmosphere. Atmospheric ozone is not affected. INERGENŽ does not contribute to global warming and extinguishes without causing corrosion or leaving residue.

The effectiveness of INERGENŽ as an extinguishing agent relies on the reduction of oxygen content that occurs as a result of its three components in the event of fire. The special mixture of nitrogen and argon ensures a specific weight for the extinguishing atmosphere that is almost the same as that of normal air.

Once released, the gas has a longer-lasting extinguishing effect than heavier extinguishing agents such as CO2, halons or argon since the atmosphere enhanced with INERGENŽ seeps out of the room - into which it has been released - only slowly. This ensures that even well-established fires are reliably extinguished.
The CO2 component of 8% by volume leads to a concentration of 2.5 - 5.0% by volume in the room in which the gas has been released, the value depending on the extent of the fire and the amount of extinguishing agent released. This low percentage has an effect on human breathing so that although the oxygen supply in the area where the fire is to be extinguished is reduced to a minimum of 14% or as low as 10% by volume, there is an automatic increase in the rate of breathing (and therefore the intake of air) to compensate. The oxygen intake, which we need to ensure the functioning of brain cells that maintain essential bodily functions, remains almost unchanged, even if a person is unconscious. INERGENŽ is therefore an extinguishing agent that does not harm the human organism.

No other extinguishing agents have undergone so many successful test releases as INERGENŽ. Numerous tests and dedicated research and development have contributed to continuous improvement of the equipment, which is reflected in the high quality standards it now displays.

In 1996 the pressure supplied by the equipment was raised from 150 to 200 bars in order to save on space and installation costs. It would not have been possible to make this improvement without the aid of vast practical experience and intensive lab work.

Other new product ideas have been patented or have patents pending (e.g. mounting technology and pipe connectors). They are manufactured at TOTAL WALTHER GmbH in accordance with today's quality standards and sold worldwide. Every individual component is approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

TOTAL WALTHER's INERGENŽ extinguishing systems are optimally designed to meet three objectives, protection of people, tangible assets and the environment.

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